Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creative Types - Eric Stegmaier

My friend Eric has had a great couple of years.
He took on an awesome job at an awesome place (dare I even call it a career?), he got married to one of my favorite women in the world, and he was just crazy enough to star in an Elmwood flick.

And he's a sick artist.  Need proof?  Check out his ArtWanted page.

I first met Eric while working at an art supply store in very early 2006.  We very quickly became friends, and he was the first person to share a beer with me at the then newly re-opened Central Cafe.  
I asked him to be in a movie, and he asked me to be in his wedding.  
We agreed to do both.  
I can honestly say every time I hang out with him I laugh, I learn something new, and I feel good about life.
How many friends are that cool?  Hahaha!

Last fall when I got the gig at Paris In Plantsville the first idea for a show was to Eric.  I sold it to the other residents at "The Indiana Jones of Illustration" and they went for it.  
And here we are, getting ready for Eric's show.  
Saturday Nite is gonna be a great nite!  Hope you come!

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