Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creative Types - J. San Giacomo

I've got some catching up to do on the "Creative Types" section of the blog, I'll have a couple over the next week or two...  So I'm starting with an OLD friend...

J. San Giacomo

I knew him as Jeremy...  Back in 1981-82 I was a weee little puppet maniac who had trouble fitting in in school.  Especially in my grade and in my classroom.  I had one buddy J.J. (R.I.P., friend) who shared an obsession with comic strips, mostly Garfield and Peanuts, but we had little other in common.
Then the new kid came to school.  That was Jeremy.  We connected quickly.  We both were nuts for Muppets, Dark Crystal, E.T., and so on...  And we both fancied ourselves artists.
Then as soon as he moved to town he moved away.
20 years later I was living in Brandon FL, and he was in St. Pete.  Never knew he was there...  This was pre-Facebook!
And now there is a Facebook.
And J. San Giacomo and I have re-connected.  Two weeks ago I almost closed my Facebook.  Glad I didn't!

So he's an artist now.  Just really seems to be getting in the game.  And he, like all of us, is in  a money crunch.   So I'm sending you his way...  To his YouTube page, check out his awesome Zombies.  And commission one.  DO IT NOW!  I promise you won't be disappointed!

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